Strength Training Is Absolutely Essential For Seniors.

Retirement is often associated with relaxation, but for those wanting to age gracefully a strength training regimen is a must. Here’s why:

1. Increase Testosterone.

Its common knowledge that as you age, your testosterone levels decline steadily after peaking in your late teens and remaining stable throughout your 20s. Low testosterone will negatively impact your sex drive, as well as lead to mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and increased aggression. Although both men and women both have testosterone, lower levels will have more profound effects on males.

2. Preserving Bone Density

As you age your bone density is reduced, leading to one of the most common issues among seniors - frailty. A strength training regimen will decrease the risk of osteoporosis and reduce the damage from falls as it lowers the chance of bone fractures and breaks among seniors, which are exceedingly common. 

3. Improves Movement

One of the results of preserving bone density among seniors is that it leads to improved functional movement. This gives seniors the ability to do more and more on their own. Being strong enough to perform everyday tasks like carrying groceries or cleaning require maintaining one’s range of functional movement.

4. Better Overall Health

Staying in shape has obvious health benefits, but these benefits increase in significance as you age. Seniors are exposed to a higher level of risk regarding most chronic illnesses when compared to other age groups (other than newborns). These ailments have an array of possible complications and side effects that are generally reduced with the maintenance of muscle mass and overall fitness.